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Will I lose any email during the transition – will there be any downtime and how long will the conversion to Nmail take for my email box?

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2013  |  304 Views
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There will not be any downtime experienced during the email migration.  The Google g-mail accounts will be turned on July 22nd and can be immediately used to send and receive email.

the Exchange Email Application will be locked at the exact same time so that employees do not inadvertently access their old Exchange email account and attempt to email from it.

No email will be lost during the transition.  A copy of your inbox (this includes your 'inbox' folder and all other folders which have been created and reside on the Exchange Server) will be made and the email migrated from Exchange to Google.  All emails in your inbox present at the beginning of the migration (July 22nd) will be present after migration has completed in the event that an migration problem occurs.  Email in your exchange inbox present as of July 22nd will not be undelete until such time as the Exchange Email application server is shutdown and reconditioned for a future application installation.  The target date for the Exchange Email Application server to be shutdown is October of 2013.

It is expected that the transition will take up to 10 days.

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Other Answers / Comments (4)

  1. You mentioned that we would not lose any email from our Outlook inboxes. What about folders of email that I have created within Outlook, such as "Department"?
    by Francesca Morgan on May 22, 2013.
  2. I assume, when you say "inbox", you are referring to the entire set of exchange folders (inbox, sent, user-created folders). If that is not the case, then we will need to export the contents prior to conversion. Please clarify.
    by Stevan Ranney on Jun 03, 2013.
  3. When you say the Inbox will be copied, does this include all of the emails in folders? Or do we need to take all of the emails out of our folders and put them into the actual Inbox if we want them transferred?
    by Jennifer Banas on Jun 04, 2013.
  4. all folders (including inbox, departmental folders, etc) that you have created and which reside on the exchange server will be copied over.
    by Jean Potillo on Jun 04, 2013.