Q. Will Outlook email "categories" be preserved (converted to "tags") in the migration to NMail?

I make extensive use of "categories" and search folders to perform triage on the flood of student emails I receive. I know that gMail has the "tags" functionality, which serves the same purpose. Will the category metadata (? is it considered metadata?) of emails currently stored in Outlook/Exchange get converted to tag data in NMail?

I ask because prior to Outlook, I accessed the Sun webmail servers using an IMAP mail client (part of the Seamonkey browser). That IMAP client set and manipulated tags/keywords according to the IMAP standards, and the Sun webmail system preserved those tags/keywords. When I was switched to Outlook/Exchange, all of that "metadata" (actually--it's critical *data*) were lost. :( I adapted, learned how to use the Outlook/Exchange tag/keyword/categorization system. I'm glad we're switching to NMail, but I am concerned that all the effort I put into categorizing my emails in the Outlook-propriety manner will end up being wasted. Please, please, *please* transfer Outlook categories over into NMail tags!

Thanks in advance!


According to the Google migration documents, Microsoft Outlook categories definitions for email, calendars and personal contacts can not be migrated into Google.

UTS is currently migrating a number of UTS staff email accounts so that we can work thru all the issues and questions BEFORE we migrate the rest of the university.

Many of us within UTS do use categories extensively and hope that we can discover a solution to make the migration experience more palatable for all employees who use this functionality. 

As more information is discovered, we will document and make it available.

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