Q. How do you set up a group calendar for a specific purpose, one that can have attachments appended to certain events?

The "add a friend" calendar is not what we are looking for.


To create a group calendar:

1.       You can create a group calendar that's accessible to a subset of users for a specific purpose by first signing in to your account and displaying your Google Calendar.

2.       Click the drop-down menu arrow for “My calendars” and select “Create new calendar.”

3.       Fill in the calendar Name, Organization, Description, Location and Time Zone Information.

4.       Scroll down to the “Share with specific people” section and type in the individual email addresses of the group in the “Enter email address” box under the “Person” heading.

5.       Assign or change the calendar permissions for each member of the group at this point under “Permission Settings”.  Click “Add Person” when done.

6.       Scroll down and click the “Create Calendar” button.

7.       Each member of the group will receive an email message providing them with information on how to access the calendar.

8.       The group calendar should now appear under the “My calendars” section as one of the available calendars. Click on the calendar name to view the calendar. 


To add an attachment to an event:

Double-click the day on the calendar you want to schedule the event for or click once on the day and then click “Edit event” in the event pop-up window. 

After filling in the location, calendar name and description information, scroll down to “Attachments” and click on the “Add Attachment” link.

From here, you can choose to attach documents from your Google Drive or you can upload documents from your computer. 

For Google Drive documents stored in “My Drive”, “Shared with me”, or “Previously Selected”, simply click the file name or click the check box preceding the file name to select the file and then click the “Select” box at the bottom of the window. 

For files stored on your computer that you wish to attach to the event, click “Upload” and then click “Select files from your computer” in the file list window.  A “Choose Files to Upload” pop-up window appears.  Use this window to navigate to the location on your computer where the file you wish to upload is located.  Once located, double-click the file (or click the file name once and then click “Open”).  The file will appear in the Google add attachment file list window.  Click “Upload” at the bottom of the window.  The file will then be listed under the “Attachment” section of the event details window.  You can repeat either process to add additional files to the event.

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